Terms of use

Images of works under copyright can only be used after you have received permission from the named owner of the rights.

Images of works marked with the Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA may be shared (transmitted, distributed, copied), used (for any purpose) and processed (e.g. in order to create something new) without further inquiry provided that the source is attributed and the image is shared under the same conditions. Further information can be found here.

You may share, use and process all information about items as well as any images not protected by copyright provided you observe the following rules:

Ordering images

If you require a high-resolution image or one in TIFF format, please contact our image department at bildbestellung(at)karikatur-museum.de or use the Order an image button for the particular work

Issuing or, when necessary, newly producing images incurs charges, which will be specified once you have placed an order.

Please provide us, as far as possible, with information as to the author, title, publishing house/production, circulation, date of publication and whether the publication or production will be commercial or not-for-profit.

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